My cat has in the last year developed a dark spot on her right eye, on the inner corner of her iris. It does not look like a freckle (which I have heard some people say it might be). She actually has a light brown freckle on the same eye, but it came a couple years ago and looks significantly different.

The newer dark spot is more translucent looking, almost like a shadow. However I know it's not just a shadow because in certain lights it flashes differently, I mean it doesn't reflect light in that one spot as the rest of her eye does.

I'm curious if anyone has seen something like this on their cat. I'm afraid that it may be some sort of repercussion to a stroke she had just over a year ago. It was after that that I noticed this dark spot. Also there is a new dark spot on her right ear that has developed. It is a spot that is actually on the pigment of her skin. I called her Vet about it but he said it was probably nothing and to bring her in if I was concerned. Figured it wouldn't hurt to see if anyone else has experienced this first.
my kiki
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