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Thread: Dark Spot in My Siamese Cat's Eye

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    Dark Spot in My Siamese Cat's Eye

    Hi, I'm Elleree, I subscribed to Pet Talk because I just HAD to ask someone this question. My 13 year old Siamese cat has a dark brown spot on the irises of each of her eyes. The spots appeared gradually and are not holes or anything. I did ask my vet about them but he merely glanced at them and said they were normal and that they happened with age. But he merely glanced at them--he was really paying attention to her leg at that time. (She's fine now.) I was wondering if any of you have heard of brown spots/dark spots on older cat's eyes. Are they normal?

    PS) Nice to meet you all and I hope I didn't post this twice.


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    You didn't post it twice, I deleted the other version before it appeared so that wouldn't happen.

    I am sure others will chime in.
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    Hi and welcome to PT. The spot could be an iris freckle or it could be an iris melanoma. Hopefully it's just a freckle and is just being caused by age. Just to be on the safe side you should have it checked out by a veterinary ophthalmologist. Here's a good link about it:Iris Melanoma. Good luck and please keep us updated.
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    I was just going to post about Iris Melanoma after a search.

    Please don't panic - just see if you can get a referral to a feline eye specialist.

    From the article I found:
    Examination involves the use of a slit-lamp biomicroscope, which determines whether or not the tumor is cancerous. If the pigmented area on the iris is flat, the lesion is referred to as an Ins Melanosis. This is considered to be pre-cancerous and is rechecked at six-month intervals.
    For the full article, click here.
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    Welcome to Pet Talk!! As you can see, ask a question, and you will get an answer!!! The folks here are great, knowledgeable, and very supportive!!! PLEASE keep us posted on what happens to your kitty!!!! Sandra
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    Welcome to Pet Talk! What is your cat's name?

    It's probably just a freckle. Cammie (our tortie) has them and she's going strong at 16+. Probably nothing to worry about, but it never hurts to ask the vet at the next checkup.

    Here's Cammie and her freckle.

    Ask your vet about microchipping. ~ It could have saved Kuhio's life.

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    Thanks, everyone, for all the welcomes and the responses! The kitty in question is Kia Chang Lu (commonly referred to as Kia =) ). She is 13 and a seal point Siamese and she is also currently very angry with me for being on the computer. Case in point; she meow-growled at it and keeps pawing my hand with her paw. ^_^;

    Kuhio, thank you for the picture of Cammie! She is a very pretty girl and also, the picture makes me feel slightly better because Kia's spots look like that although they are a slightly lighter color brown.

    And yes, Sandra, I see that on pet talk the rule seems to be ask and you shall receive. =) Thanks guys.

    Thank you Catty1 and krazyaboutkats for the advice and websites. I'm trying not to panic--I tend to be a worried mom, though. I'm looking into eye vets in the area although I may just make my vet look at her properly when he does his next house call.

    Hopefully her eye will be okay, I'll post if anything develops. I think I've been overly sensitive lately because my cat Merlin died in March. He was a good boy. I just don't want to lose anyone else.

    Sorry if I've rambled on.

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    This is very familiar to me...

    Hi there. My 9 year old cat started out with one of these freckles in his left eye was he was a kitten. About 3 years ago it started to take over his eye and about a year ago his eye turned completely brown. Everyone in the vet's office was in awe that it did that but he is completely healthy. The vet did tell me to keep an eye on his eye for any other changes including any cloudiness when looking through his eye in the light or any other kinds of spots. To date there still have not been any problems and he is still his healthy little energetic self.

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    Welcome to Pet Talk! My cat Yodie, a tortie, had something similar in her right eye that I didn't even notice. She was being checked at my vet's as a follow-up visit for ear polyp surgery when my vet spotted it. I can't recall the name of what it was but it required salve in her eye after the vet scraped it. It took several visits before it finally cleared up. Good luck and please keep us updated.

    ETA: Ok, I realized that the info I gave you was hardly any info at all, so I looked up Yodie's receipt and she was treated for a corneal ulcer and an immune mediated condition similar to pannus. Pannus is a non-painful inflammatory disease of the cornea and conjunctiva, which usually is limited to dogs, especially German Shepherds. Yodie later rubbed her eye on the edge of furniture because it was clearly bothering her but I think that was because of the eye salve. If your cat should have this disease, though, it's important that you get it treated because it can eventually cause blindness if left untreated and treatment is a life long commitment. Fortunately, Yodie's condition was similar to pannus but was not pannus. I hope this helps but didn't scare you.

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