My friend, after looking at Orijen dog food, showed me this...

Orijen's ALS formulas have 480 kcal per cup. Their adult thas 450.
Their LBP formula has 410.
LBP formulas have come a looooong way in the past 20 years. They are now formulated for controlled growth, with proper calcium levels, correct fat levels, etc. I do agree with her that excess energy will cause fast growth. However, so far I've checked Orijen, Fromm, Acana, and Wellness, and in each and every one the regular adult food has MORE kcal per cup than in the LBP formula, and in some the LBA formula had the same.
So for example, I decide to feed my dog Wellness LBP, and my puppy is a 25 lb Mastiff puppy, he will eat about 2.5-3 cups a day, being in the 6-11 week age range. The adult formula actually recommends feeding the SAME amount for a pup of that size. So LBP is recommending 915 kcal min per day for my pup, but the adult super5mix chicken is recommending 1017.5 not to mention you're increasing calcium intake.

At the end of the day, I'm ALWAYS going to look at calcium levels, and then energy levels if I'm considering it for an ALS food. But I am a firm believer in LBP food...

So maybe it depends on the brand and maker of the food you're feeding.

Maybe it depends on your