A terrifying case - Late into last night weve received an information which left us sleepless because it was about the suffering of a female dog whos been abandoned near a wood, 8 months ago, but not before being severely beaten. More than that it was told to us that she had puppies but they were killed by that murderer who abandoned her. The most severe thing is that this little one, who we named REGINA, has severe deficiencies in feeding herself! When shes eating shes chocking and a terrible cough begins. It is unimaginable how she could survive so many months. Probably only her will to live made her resist.

First thing in the morning weve got into the car and drove to that place, which is pretty far from us. We were with a small heart, praying to find her still alive, since her condition was deteriorating for a while now. Weve reached very hard to that far away place but it worth the effort. REGINA was waiting for us and when she saw us she practically jumped into our arms begging us to take her, which of course we did.

Weve reached in Arad where we urgently started medical investigations (X-rays, tests and many consultations). The first result is terrifying: in her mouth (in the hard palate) she has a whole communicating with her respiratory system, through which food leftovers reach into her air path which makes her suffocate herself.

We are waiting for more test results (because shes extremely thin and full of ricinus and other parasites which might produced her also other serious diseases) and shes about to bare, as urgently as possible, an extremely difficult surgical operation. We kindly ask you to be there for us so together well be able to save REGINA! We thank you from our souls!