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Thread: Well I sure feel stupid, lol!

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    Well I sure feel stupid, lol!

    Hi everyone! I forgot I was already registered here as Too many cats (2005)and re-registered this morning as TMC to reply in the "Illinois HB 1166 NIBS : Animal Hoarding « The PPJ " thread.

    So, I will just use this account to save any further confusion. I can be such an airhead sometimes....forgive me

    Lots has happened since my last visit.....mainly I have been Rescuing/TNR and re-homing lots of cats. That's why I am upset with the proposing of this legislation.

    Glad to be back and I'll have to post some pictures of my kitties!

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    Oh welcome back! Not sure I knew you when you first posted.

    What's your name? I saw your photo with the new black and white male, long haired guy. What state are you in?

    I'm Sandie, from RI. I did TNRM for awhile, as you can see from my siggy I kept ALL the kittens! Oops! He he heee

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    I can delete that second account, now that we know it's you. You post under TMC will stay and just say it was by "guest" okay?
    I've Been Frosted

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