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Thread: HELP! Crazy 1-year-old cat destroying my house!

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    HELP! Crazy 1-year-old cat destroying my house!

    Hi everyone! I am in much need for some help with my crazy cat! I recently moved into a small studio with my cat, and he was fine up until recently when he started destroying everything in my house! He's ruined all my blinds, (but still chews and scratches on them!) and every time I leave toilet paper on the roll he pulls it off and rips it to shreds! I have no idea what to do!! I need some tips and tricks pleaaase. I already have a squirt bottle with water and when he sees it, or I use it he immediatly stops whatever he was doing, but as soon as I turn around he goes right back at it!

    Also on a side note, he chews my hair when we're sleeping, How can I get him to stop doing that as well??LOL

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    It sounds like he is bored.

    Do you have a cat tree / perch /climber? Do you have places he can sit and look out a window?

    Does he have toys? Leave 2 or 3 out and rotate them every 3rd day so he doesn't get tired of them. I keep a few toys in a catnip container, so that when I take one of them out, it is VERY enticing! But a 1 year old should only have access to catnip 2 to 3 times a week. NOT daily.

    You can get one of the squiggles on a stick and play with him 2 or 3 times a day for 5 minutes. Those type of toy should not be left out, the cat must be supervised with it. This way he gets special positive Mom time, and he gets a work out.

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    His chewing your hair when you are sleeping is because he loves you, and sees you as a fellow cat who needs grooming. I think the only way you can prevent that is either wearing a knit cap to bed to hide your hair, or locking him out of the bedroom, which is nigh impossible in a studio apartment unless you shut him in the bathroom for the night!
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    Well I also have two very destructive almost 10 month old kittens. All I can tell you is to go around and baby proof everything. I had to install child safety locks on all of my lower cabinets, I have to keep all paper products put away in cabinets too. My kittens aren't allowed in either of my bedrooms because they are so destructive. They have plenty of toys and each other to play with but I've also been told that they still must be bored. I'm hoping that as they mature that they'll calm down and mellow out more. Good luck.
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    Yup, he's bored. How about a friend??? A kitten possibly????

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