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Thread: The Best Halloween Costume

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    The Best Halloween Costume

    What was the best Halloween Costume you guys saw last night?

    There was a gentleman riding his horse up and down the streets in my hometown in a very nice Headless Horseman costume.

    I hope the pics my friend took turned out.
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    most the cotumes we saw were pretty dull...There was a kid who actually looked like Harry Potter..and a really cute elephant, but eerything else was just masks. i'm not even sure some of them were dresed up...

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    I didn't see too many adult costumes last night but since I'm a big Winnie the Pooh fan (Tigger's my favorite), I loved the two little kids that had on a pooh costume and a tigger costume. They were so cute and the costumes looked like a great way to keep the kids warm in the cold evening that we had. To top it off, they both had those little fake pumpkin things to put their candy in. These such fake pumpkin things now are made with the face of the pumpkins in the shape of pooh and tigger which they had the corresponding ones for their costumes. It was so cute!

    Other cute costumes included:
    Mike Wizowski (Monsters, Inc.)
    Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)
    Jesse (Toy Story 2)
    etc., etc., etc.

    I was really excited though because it was Brian's and my first trick-or-treat in our own place and we had a bunch of kids come!

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