our 16 yr old calico cat has a history of behavioral problems and I take into consideration we are not the original owners ... she was my mother-in-laws beloved pet before she passed on and we have had her for the past 8 or 9 years now ... she tolerates us but is not a cuddly cat

she was never fed dry food so will only eat wet food and now has taken to waking us up at the wee hours of the morning 2 am 3 am and one of us gets up to feed her but she demands more and cries again

this cat also eats plastic, the plants anything that will make her throw up
our vet advised us to give her a small dosage of an ant-acid and I also use a furball remedy from the pet store

this morning she had me up at 3:30 and cried until it was time for us to get up

she has been fed twice since 6 am and is now crying for more as I type

what to do what to do????