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Thread: Taggart and his new "friend" Lizzie.

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    Taggart and his new "friend" Lizzie.

    These pictures are at least a month old but I thought I'd share anyway

    Lizzie, the Schnauzer, belongs to some friends of ours and she and Taggart have met a couple of times now. But, to be frank, you can't exactly call them friends, since she's not to keen on sharing her space with other dogs. Most of the time, when Taggart was over at there house, he spent making darn sure he was out of her way. lol, poor boy.

    When they brought Lizzie over to our place though, things went a lot smoother, since she didn't have anything to protect. They'll most likely never be friends (though Taggart did try and initiate play a couple of times) but I'm sure they can learn to tolerate each other.

    Anyway, on to the pictures.

    Heeeey there!

    Beautiful bearded lady

    Can we go home now?

    This is probably the closest they ever got to each other without any aggression going on, heh.

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    Taggart, you are SO handsome, what's not to love? You a just going to have to show that Lizzie that you are a gentle man, and she will surely see what we see: a great boy!

    Love the one of Lizzie smiling for the camera.

    So, is she older, not socialized much with other dogs, or just protecting HER DIGGS? Any thoughts?

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    Awww, the "can we go home now?" picture is so sad. You can just see it in his face that he's had enough. Poor boy.
    Maybe you could just do play dates with the dogs on neutral grounds at a dog park. Then perhaps they would become friends. This is if Lizzie gets along with other dogs. I mean, obviously she does or you wouldn't have taken Taggart over there at all.

    Hey Taggart, you can come to our house anytime. My two will be nice to you and share all their toys and the big backyard with you. Zoee will show you all the squirrels and Taggart will play chase with you. Hee hee
    Our goal in life should be - to be as good a person as our dog thinks we are.

    Thank you for the siggy, Michelle!

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    Poor Taggart; I bet he was glad when he was away from Lizzie LOL.

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