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Thread: Allergic to Lyme's vaccine?

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    Allergic to Lyme's vaccine?

    Has anyone ever had one of their dogs exhibit any adverse reaction to the Lyme vaccine?

    Last year after Sparky had his, he started exhibiting symptoms of the disease - limping intermittently and hesitation to jumping up on the bed or running up the back porch steps and also finicky appetite. He was tested for Lyme but it came back negative, and all other courses of treatment for anything else it might be, defied all treatment. Finally doc put him on the standard course of 30 days of antibiotics and all his symptoms vanished, so she decided he must have tested false negative, and he really did have it afterall.

    So here we go again. Both had their vaccine in October, and off and on for the past several weeks or so, Sparky is hesitating to jump up on the bed or run up the steps (like it hurts him) tho he isn't actually limping, and appetite is off too, same as last year. It just dawned on me that this might be the same thing as last year since it's almost identical.

    Any ideas or input before I give doc a call?

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    I am surprised you got the vaccine a 2d time, after what happened the first time!

    I don't get that vaccine for mine, as bichons are too prone to allergic reactions as it is. I only get the core vaccines.

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    Out of four dogs, three have had adverse reactions to the Lyme vaccine. We won't be getting that one again. Molly got soooo sick, it scared me. Kirby and Muffin just acted wierd after getting the shot. They all ended up on a course of antibiotics.

    The first year when it happened, I thought it was a fluke, but the second year....nope I won't be doing that to them again.

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    Yes, this is something very common, especially in smaller breeds but it does occur with larger breeds. I never go near vaccines, it's just not worth the risk and my vet agrees with the decision.
    I hope the poor thing doen't go through what he did last year, I remember how sick he was. You really don't need that right now...ever actually.
    Is there something your vet could detox his system with?

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    You might want to ask your vet which name brand of vaccine he/she is using and see if they can get another brand for your dogs. I know at work we have sometimes gotten certain brands of vaccines and have had horrible issues with reactions (more frequently the Fort Dodge vaccines), but when we made a switch to another brand, most problems dissapeared.

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    Rita had a reaction to the Lyme's vaccine about 2 years ago. Broke out in horrible hives all over her body, pale gums, panting very hard. The Lyme's portion of the DHLPP (Distemper, Heptatisis, Lyme's Disease, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza) is from what I've learned, the most common one that causes a reaction, as well as the Lepto portion.

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