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    Hello there,
    I am new here , i am Mummy to my little Lhasa Apso , my Gloster canary and a fighting fish named Oscar. Mimi the Lhasa loves to cuddle with her Teddy that she takes to bed at night.Charley the canary never stops whistling. They are great company. Mimmy.

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    Welcome to Pet Talk, with your little crew, you sound like you'll fit in well here!
    I've Been Frosted

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    Welcome, Mimmy, to Pet Talk!

    Sounds like you have some wonderful companions there.

    I'm Sandie. I live in Rhode Island, with the group of rescued cats and dogs you see below in my siggy. I am also currently fostering another bichon, Willy. He has been here since July 15th.

    I think you will enjoy PT. Oh, and we LOVE photos! (hint, hint!)

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    Well, Hello Mimmy! Nice to see you joined! I am Sana and I have one Corgi, One Down, he has one of his ears hanging most of the time. No idea why he does that! Well, well! now, you've got a nice little family there of pets! BUT! where are the pictures of your little companions???!!! Waiting to see the pictures!!!

    And Welcome again! Here's a welcoming link for you.
    This card might take a while to load, but I tried my best, Play the little movie and


    and a little warning thingy, its got music so you can decrease the volume if you want to.
    and here's another...
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    mimmy and mummy in Australia

    Thanks so much to all for the warm welcome.
    Sad to say i dont yet know how to post photos.

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