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Thread: Ferrets are not for...

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    Ferrets are not for...

    ...people who don't have a sense of humor.

    Today, Hlao climbed up on the couch and aimed his sights on a bowl of popcorn dud kernels and empty candy wrappers that was sitting the coffee table from last night. Faster than I could grab him he launched himself off the couch and landed right in the middle of the bowl. Popcorn kernels went all over my freshly vacuumed living room! The little snot!

    Just thought I'd share in case anybody was thinking of opening their home to a weasle. If only he weren't so darned cute I might stay mad for two seconds instead of laughing. Sense of humor: definately required.
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    Hee hee! What a silly guy he is! I can picture that sooo clearly! Yes, a sense of humor, and adventure also would be good!
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    I have heard from a few ferret owners that humor is part of life with one, lol.

    Of COURSE the rug was freshly vacuumed; Halo wouldn't have it any other way!

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Love to hear of ferrety antics. I had 3 of them at once, with everyone pulling different "stunts" at the same time! Miss them all terribly. Thank you for sharing!
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    I know how that goes! I have two myself bubbles and Kyle. Kyle is particularly naughty. I swear the he has a sonar for glasses. He will find any glass that you put down and he will promptly empty the contents onto the floor. I have a nice red stain in the carpet when he tipped my koolaid over. It is very true that you cannot own a ferret without a sense of humor. Can't help but love weasels

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    It wouldn't be fun if he did it BEFORE you vacuumedFerrets are definitely fun little guys.
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    We used to have a ferret that would pay with my pet cat Cotten! His name was Slinky. We had to get rid of him though because one day while he was given a walk he got tons of fleas and we could not afford flea medicine let alone anything else! So we gave him to some Native Americans and we never did see him again.

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