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Thread: Gosselin kids...

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    Gosselin kids...

    Two of the Gosselin 'tuplets were expelled from school for, what else??? BULLYING!!!

    What is that teaching our kids?? I'm just glad the school didn't put up with their crap, regardless of their "status".

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    well since they took action and then publicized it I suppose it's teaching our kids that they aren't going to put up with bullying... zero tolerance. although I doubt that is the truth. too many parents and teachers turn a blind eye and don't deal with these bullies. and I don't think too many kids are watching Kate plus 8 on a regular basis so they probably aren't learning anything from this.

    I say give parents one chance to deal with it themselves after that maybe suspension... third strike and you are expelled.

    I can't say I'm surprised that one or two of these kids are bullying other kids. Their world is publicized on TV including their parents divorce and new SO's. tough life for those kids not an excuse but can't say I'm surprised

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    I saw that in the news the other day. So sad for these kids. It isn't their fault.

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