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Thread: Boo Bear 1991-2010

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    Boo Bear 1991-2010

    Boo is now w/his sister Peeka, his love Pigeon and his nemesis Puddy. It was so difficult to let him go but his future looked bleak and he's been too strong and healthy all of his life to put him through treatments and trips to the vet. The quality of life just wasn't there for my Boo.

    He and sister came to me 19 years ago. They originally belonged to my neighbor but she made them barn cats only and she didn't feed them b/c she said that they wouldn't be hungry enough to catch mice. Some kids got ahold of Peeka and tried to skin her alive (I learned this later) but she managed to escape. She was missing for several days in sub-zero temperatures and lots of snow. When she finally came back, she came to my house and not my neighbor's so I called her and told her that Peeka was badly injured and in immediate need of vet care. She said "They're outdoor cats. These things happen." I said "May I keep her?" and she said "Yes, if you'll take her brother, too". I took her to my vet and he amputated her tail and she lived to be 14 when acute renal failure finally took her. So, since it was during the holidays, I called Peeka my Christmas miracle b/c she survived such horrible injuries and abuse. Boo remained healthy and strong up until this last year.

    After this last treatment at the vet, Boo was back to his old self; he had a big, loud, strong meow and he even sprinted up the stairs that afternoon. He had a good appetite and used the litter box w/no problem. However, the next day he didn't eat or drink and when he used the litter box he dribbled again. He laid on my bed in the same spot and didn't move except to use the litter box and his legs were so wobbly that he could barely walk. After 24 hours of this, I knew he had to go back to the vet who said that Boo was not blocked as before but that his temperature was low, not quite 97, which is way too low for a cat. He said that he could warm Boo up and give him fluids b/c he was dehydrated but that he couldn't guarantee that it would last even 24 hours and he said that I would need to do this daily plus give him medicine for his thyroid, nausea, infection and pain. That's when I decided that it was best for Boo to join his fur family rather than put him through all that.

    This house just will not be the same w/o him. He was a strong presence in this house even at 19 years of age and I can't imagine my life w/o him and I know that the Fur Posse will miss him terribly, especially Specs and Yodie. Specs always wanted to be the alpha male and Yodie was in competition w/Pidgie for Boo's heart. He grieved for Pidgie daily and still called out to her and searched the house trying to find her. It warms my heart to know that they're together again as the attached photo shows them in happier, healthier times.

    Take a good long rest, my sweet Boo Bear, and then play w/all your fur family until we can all be together again.
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    Mary, I am sorry for your loss. You made the right choice, from what I know of your Boo. He was a strong one, and would not have wanted to live that sort of life, even for a short time of 2 or 3 more days. 19 years! What times you had together, what memories you made! Hold on to those.

    Boo, I just know Peeka was there to meet you along side Pidgie, your sweetie. No more ill health, just fun times with the gals. Ahh, what a life for you, Boo!

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    Aw, Mary, I am so sorry. My heart breaks for you. I know how much you loved your sweet Boo. I know how very hard it is to let them go even when it's for the best for them. Please be at peace that you did the right thing for him. He is in no pain now and waiting for you. I firmly believe you will be together again some day. Prayers for you both.
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    R.I.P. sweet Boo. You've spent such a long time on this Earth, and it seems to me you were more than ready to meet your dear Pidgie again, the all the others who have gone before. Your mommy loves you dearly, and will miss you terribly!

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    Mary, I am so so sorry. Boo had the best life with you, and now he is reunited with all the other pets at the bridge.

    RIP Boo Bear and hugs to you Mary.
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    Mary, I am so sorry for your loss, but you know you did what was best. Boo is now at the Bridge with his girls enjoying being pain free and active again. He'll be waiting with everyone for you...

    Boo, RIP, sweetie, and peace to your Mom, she loved you so.

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    Mary ~ I am so, so sorry for your loss. My heart breaks for you.

    Boo ~ Now that you're free of your tired body, play hard, sweet one.
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    Lots of tears here. I'm sure that Boo and Pidgie are having a nice cozy snuggle right now.

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    Mary, just know that his heart was healed when he finally saw his Pidgie again. Oh, how he must have thanked you for that! He is happy and they are all together and waiting until they see you once again. Boo had 19 happy years and now he will be happy for eternity. I am sending prayers for you and your posse.
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    Mary, I am so very sorry.

    What a wonderful long life you gave him! You rescued him and his sister from a house of horrors and showed them what a life full of love is all about.

    There will be a joyful reunion at the Bridge.. One Fine Day.

    Love from Pat and the kitties.
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    Mary, I'm so sorry to hear of Boo's passing. He will be in your heart forever- and waiting for you with his sister and Pidgie at Rainbow Bridge.

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    Mary I am so sorry to read this about your loss of Boo Bear.. It is for the best.. RIP Boo Bear & play hard at the bridge.. Now your a Angel looking after us..

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    Mary I'm so so sorry. You and your babies will be in my thoughts.


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    Somehow I was afraid that I would come here today and find this. I'd been following the other thread, although silently. I hope that you'll remember the good times and also be able to enjoy your vacation with your son reminiscing. Many thoughts are with you.

    Time helps the sadness subside, but the memories remain forever.

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    RIP sweet Boo Bear. Play hard at the Bridge, and find your family up there, they will be glad to see you.

    HUGS to you Mary. I know how hard this must be on you. Just know you did the right thing by Boo.
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