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Thread: My new kitty

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    Welcome to Pet Talk, Mannie and Manniesmom! What a beautiful kitty! Mannie, what do you like to do? Do you play with toys? Do you look out the window at the birds and trees? I hope you will have a very long, healthy and happy life!
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    What a handsome meezer boy he is! Give him some lovin' for me

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    Welcome to PT! Mannie is such a handsome boy. I have a seal point Siamese named Coco Puff but my vet feels that Coco is part Burmese. Whatever the case, he's a talkative boy. Is Mannie the same way? I'm so glad that you rescued him. You're going to have many wonderful years together.

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    Welcome to Pet Talk, Mannie and family! What a sweet boy he is.

    I'm so glad you rescued him from life in a shelter, now he can enjoy a loving family with lots of spoiling.

    Looking forward to hear more about him and not least... see some pictures.

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