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Thread: Just thought I'd say hi and introduce myself

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    Just thought I'd say hi and introduce myself

    This looks like a really good site. I've been reading posts and learning. I have a teacup yorkie that is the love of my life. She's 2 years old now and is my 4 legged little baby doll. I got her from a wonderful breeder Dianna Currie . I drove to her house to pick her up and I was super impressed with her knowledge and set up at her house. Even though she sells for several breeders she travels and knows all the puppies that are listed. I'm thinking about getting a little male from her now. But I think my baby is to small to have puppies. Thats what Dianna told me. I'm wondering if she's right or can I get a really small male ? My little Angel is 3 and half pounds. If anyone has any suggestions I'm open. I'm going to try to figure out how to upload my babies picture on here.

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    Hello Tammie, and welcome!

    Have Angel spayed, and get the boy and have him neutered. Just enjoy them, Yorkies are wonderful companions!

    Do post photos in Dog General, we LOVE photos!

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    Yes, she sounds very small, and you probably shouldn't risk her having puppies. You can get her spayed and enjoy her for a long time to come! Really, unless you were planning on her being a show dog, breeding her is risky and very expensive when it comes to all the vet care, etc. Enjoy your little girl!
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    Welcome to Pet Talk & Enjoy All.. We would love to see pics of your Adorable Baby..

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