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Thread: Proton and his baton!

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    Proton and his baton!

    My little fur baby has some really fun eccentricities!

    For example: my mother visited shortly after we rescued Proton and
    brought some cat gear with her that our other cats either were never
    interested in or had lost interest in.
    I was worried my fur baby would turn his nose up because of the
    other cats' scent but no! He was so excited. He loves his grandma for
    He loved this feather baton with a bell attached to it and a little blue nylon
    cat house (that folds down like those windshield sun visors).

    So that baton was destroyed within a couple of weeks. My BF and I
    thought it was because he really liked the feathers but we realized that
    he got rid of the feathers to be able to play with the baton better!

    Now he'll actually pick it up and bring it to one of us. Drops the baton
    right at our feet. We'll throw it and he'll retrieve it and bring it back.
    I've never had a cat who played fetch.

    As far as his little nylon house goes...You can hold it up in the air and he'll
    jump right in. He likes it when we twirl it around really fast. Plus, he loves
    hiding his toys in there!

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    Tigris and Filou who left to Orion and Kiri some totally used up feather wands without feathers liked them with and without feathers. And so does the new generation

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    Sock Monkey likes for me to place all her favorite toys on a window sill so she can stand up to knock them off. Sometimes she looks like she is boxing and doing jabs at them (a horse and a panda bear from Burger King kids meals)...cracks me up its so cute She also has a favorite pink heart with a feather at the bottom on a stringy wand she loves me to control.

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    No matter what you play with Caremella with that is on a wand, she likes the wand (stick) part the best. I think she likes the noise it makes as the bats it around..

    Today she discovered the toilet.. Now she wants to SEE what I am doing while I am on it, then watch it flush down the toilet..

    Special Needs Pets just leave bigger imprints on your heart!

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    Provided they're watched and the critters aren't allowed to chew 'em up completely, we've gotten huge amounts of mileage out of Q-TIPS.... most of the younger generation will carry them around and bat them and throw them around like crazy for a good hour in the morning- just have to get the cardboard shaft ones (not plastics) and try and make sure they don't keep them too long and mangle them- but they love them- kind of little, soft, short batons, I guess- they do fly interestingly when thrown, kind of like Aussie boomerangs, and they're fun to carry all over--

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    Michael, our youngest cat has an old "squirrel shaped" cat nip toy that he just loves. When it is bedtime I call Michael and say "go get your squirrel" and he goes to find it! He brings it to bed and sleeps with it. He just loves his little squirrel and I dont dare try to wash the thing!

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