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Thread: Great, great bio on Fido, today's Dog of the Day

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    Great, great bio on Fido, today's Dog of the Day

    Just read about Fido, Dog of the Day September 29, 2010, and actually had tears in my eyes. How articulate and touching! ~ Janice

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    Oh Fido I just want to pick you up and give you lots of hus and kisses. What a wonderful companion you are and a well deserving DOTD
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    Good morning and a very happy Dog of the Day to you, darling Fido! What a precious pup you are Fido; a heart melter of the highest order! One look into those big, brown, love filled eyes and I was a goner! And I too got all teary reading your bio., your mommy's loving tribute to her beautiful best friend! Wow, when you give a Golden a run for the money in the Velcro pup/empathy department, well, that's saying something! My fur niece Ruby is CKCS and I know just how special you kids are! How lucky can one family get, having a furkid as beautiful (inside and out), devoted and loving as you!!!

    Congratulations to you Fido, the most beautiful, empathetic, cuddliest, adorable, sweetest dog on the planet! Thanks for starting my day off with a big smile, sweetheart! Enjoy your much deserved day of honor; I just know your family's going to make your big day a very special one! Love and cuddles and kisses to you, precious Fido!

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    Aren't they amazing that they can elicit this kind of love and devotion? Your love and joy in having Fido came through like a shining beacon. I am fortunate and blessed enough to know this kind of love and joy as well. Give Fido a nuzzle from Rudy and JoJo's mom. :-)

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    Fido, you are such a beautiful boy. I fell in love as soon as I saw that sweet face. You and your mommy sound like the perfect match, just made for each other. Congratulations dear Fi, on being our DOTD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fido's Person
    He is incapable of not being adorable and is a show-stopper wherever we go. He is my constant companion and my best buddy. After eight years together we have developed that extraordinary intimacy that develops when you've lived with a dog a long time - we know each other's moves and moods and almost live together as one person. He has his special places in each room of my home since he doesn't like being out of line of sight of me, and his facial expressions at walk time or feeding time are superb acts of artistry.
    He is simply the most beautiful, empathetic, cuddliest, adorable, sweetest dog I've ever owned. I can't imagine life without him.

    Oh my goodness, sweet handsome Fido! What a great biography! Your person obviously loves you very, very much ! I enjoyed seeing your photos and reading about you today. Please have your person give you a ton of hugs and snuggles from me! Happy Dog of the Day!
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    Fi, you certainly are a "show stopper," just look at that thumb nail photo of you! I can well imagine folks want to just stop and gaze at you, and then learn a bit about you.

    Your person wrote so eloquently about you. That special bond truly is something to treasure.

    Sending you some belly rubs as you celebrate and enjoy your day. Happy Dog of the Day!

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    What a lovely lil' guy you are! I'm glad that you and your human papa care so much for each other
    Enjoy your DOTD status, and continue to be a sweetheart!

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    Hi Fido,

    Never heard of two souls so perfectly matched. It is a wonderful
    thing to see & even greater to live it. Congratulations Fido on being our
    honored DOG OF THE DAY. Wishing you both years more of love,good health
    and happiness. Sending lots of hugs & kisses sweet boy.
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