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Thread: Baby orphaned in fatal Alta. collision

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    Baby orphaned in fatal Alta. collision

    Now this is just plain SAD...happened just south of here.

    Baby orphaned in fatal Alta. collision
    Little girl in serious condition
    Last Updated: Saturday, August 21, 2010 | 3:47 PM MT
    CBC News

    A seven-week-old has been left an orphan in a head-on collision south of Cochrane, Alta., that claimed the lives of her parents, RCMP said Saturday

    The baby and her parents were in a car that was eastbound on Highway 8 when it crossed the centre line and hit a westbound pickup truck on Friday night, witnesses told the RCMP.

    The 54-year-old driver of the truck is listed in serious but stable condition in hospital, the Mounties said in a release. The little girl is also listed in serious but stable condition.

    It is not believed that drugs, alcohol or speed were contributing factors in the collision, police said, adding the investigation is continuing.

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    OMG!!! This is a sad and bad news. Sorry to hear about the little girl. This is sooo.... ohh my gosh.
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    Baby will likely be ok

    CALGARY - In some ways, they were opposites: He was tall and his dream job was to be a heavy-machinery technician; she was petite and a highly trained ballet dancer.

    But their love worked.

    On Friday night, married couple Michael, 26, and Merin Melnyk, 22, were killed after a horrifying crash just outside of Calgary city limits.

    The only survivor in their vehicle was the couple's daughter, Ysa, born just seven weeks ago.

    Strapped into her car seat within reach of her mother's arms, police say it is a miracle she survived.

    They say the Melnyks' vehicle swerved into an oncoming lane on the highway and struck a pickup truck head on.

    Family is now grappling with the death of the beloved couple, who died on their way home from a family wedding.

    “One of the worst things a parent can imagine,” said Cheri Litchfield, Merin's mother.

    “It's a nightmare.”

    They are now turning their attention to baby Ysa and say they are encouraged by the progress she is making in hospital.

    They say she could be out of intensive care soon.

    “Our focus right now is Ysa,” said David Litchfield, Merin's father.

    He said the baby will be raised by family members.

    Michael and Merin met about three years through their church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. David said Michael apparently had his eye on Merin, but it took several months for him to work up the courage to ask her out.

    They dated a year, then married.

    “They were just very well-suited for each other, although their backgrounds are really quite different,” he said.

    Merin had danced since a child. She was very accomplished in ballet and right up until she gave birth to Ysa, she continued teaching.

    “Merin was joy and grace,” said Cheri.

    Michael's passion was working on heavy machinery.

    When asked what his dream job would be, he would look baffled, responding that he was already living his dream, she said.

    “Mike is a very articulate, very smart guy,” said David.

    “He's very well read, very well spoken.”

    Friday night's crash is also proving tough for emergency responders who were sent to the scene.

    “It's very difficult. It's devastating for the emergency responders, for the family, for the witnesses,” said RCMP Cpl. Jason Pasloske.

    “To me, it's a miracle the baby survived,” he added.

    A 54-year-old man driving the pickup involved in the collision also suffered serious injuries. He is expected to recover.

    “At this time, there's no indication of drugs or alcohol or speed being factors in the collision,” said Pasloske.

    “There were witness reports that just prior to the collision the Mercedes was observed swerving into the oncoming lane, but at this point we haven't determined why it swerved in there,” he said.

    Police say the Mercedes driver was not trying to pass another vehicle and authorities are looking at other possibilities, such as driver inattention or distraction.

    With files from Joe Fries, Calgary Herald
    © Copyright (c) The Calgary Herald

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    How very sad and heartbreaking for all involved.

    Prayers for the baby and all who love Michael and Merin. Also for the driver of the truck.
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    Oh My! That is so sad!! What a beautiful couple they were...

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