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Thread: Reptile show pickup today! Meet Marley!

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    Reptile show pickup today! Meet Marley!

    Today I went to a reptile show after swearing to my hubby I wouldn't get any new animals today. Well....we all know how that goes! I stopped at a table that had a handsome hognose boy for a VERY reasonable price. I asked about him, and why he was so cheap, and found out that they had sold him as a baby three years ago to someone who had recently found themselves unable to care for him anymore, so they brought him back.

    I thought about it, decided not to cal and bug my hubby, walked around a little more, and when I came back "Just to look", someone else was holding him! I had a little moment of panic and realized that I was pretty well stuck on him. So I called, and my hubby reluctantly agreed to let me take him home. I just about danced out of there!

    I only snapped a couple of pictures because I wanted to let him get settled in, but they came out pretty nice! He's burrowing around his new home now, looking quite content. I may even offer him food tomorrow when I feed all the others. Normally I give any new arrivals a week before offering food, but Hognoses seem to be just about immune to stress.

    Marley was the name his previous owner gave him, and I think I'll be keeping it. One of my friends who also came to the show picked up a baby hognose today too!

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    He, Marley, welcome to Pet Talk!
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    Too bad you do not live close to me anymore, I'd love to come see all your snakes. I'd love to see Jasper, Sherpa and Charlie too. But that bug thing you thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taz_Zoee View Post
    Too bad you do not live close to me anymore, I'd love to come see all your snakes. I'd love to see Jasper, Sherpa and Charlie too. But that bug thing you thanks!
    Actually, Mr. Bug went to live with one of my bug-crazed customers before I moved! I was sad to see him go, but I didn't know how he would handle a 12 hour car ride in the heat, and I knew he would have a fabulous home with the person who took him.

    So come on out sometime! I wish I still lived closer too, I'd love to see in person how Miss Paizly has grown!

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    On a somewhat random note: Marley is HUGE for a male hoggie!! The males average 75-150 grams, and he's a whopping 188g! I was actually convinced he was a mis-labeled female(Since the girls are usually twice the size of the boys or more!) until I picked him up. Females have short stubby tails and males have long thin tails see:

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    Aw he is cute but then again I have a soft spot for hoggies ever since my dad owned one for a really long time.

    Niņo & Eliza

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