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Thread: Kitten found in crate from China UPDATE 21 - going home!

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    Kitten found in crate from China UPDATE 21 - going home!

    I'm just glad she's ok!

    Workers were shocked to find a cat in a crate from China

    Kitten found in crate from China

    Updated: Thu Jul. 08 2010 18:51:02

    A crew at Icon Stone and Tiling in Calgary got a huge surprise while unloading a crate from China on Thursday.

    Inside they found a kitten.

    She was scared and emaciated, but she was okay.

    Staff put out some food and water to try to coax the cat out of her hiding spot.

    In the end crews had to remove 24 slabs of granite to get to the approximately six-month-old kitten.

    Staff then called the Humane Society for help.

    They believe the cat had been in the crate about one month and appeared very skinny.

    Fortunately, the Humane Society's Maria Spina was able to catch the kitty and take her to safety.
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