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Thread: Beautiful Needs A Home...UPDATE W/PICS!! SHE FOUND A HOME!!

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    Beautiful Needs A Home...UPDATE W/PICS!! SHE FOUND A HOME!!


    Beautiful is a 4 1/2 yr old American Pit Bull Terrier. She is great with children of all ages, she is house broken, leash trained, great in the car, she knows sit, stay, lay down, off, come, heal, paw, and speak. She LOVES to play tug of war and fetch. Beauty is HIGHLY cat aggressive. She is good with our male dog, but not with the female rescues. With proper introduction, she should do well with a larger, more submissive male, but would be best as an only pet. She is very protective of her home and of children. Beautiful is a remarkable dog and needs a chance.

    Beautiful was spayed on Thursday and taken to Plainfiled Veterinary Clinic to be boarded until Tuesday. We planned on her going to TLC Animal Shelter, but we have heard things about them that we are not happy about. (They do not alter pets to be adopted, they do not screen applicants thoroughly, and they do not do house checks on dogs...not even on bully breeds!) So as it stands now, Beautiful STILL needs immediate placement, but she has until Tuesday now. We have a few possible HOMES for her, but we just wanted to post her on here in case they fall through. WE ONLY HAVE ENOUGH FUNDS TO BOARD HER UNTIL TUESDAY!!!! If you need anymore info, please contact me.

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    I am sure most of you remember Beauty...we rescued her in June of '07....well over a year and a half later....she is in a home!

    The lady, Becky, inquired about her about 6 months ago, but ended up adopting another dog....who ended up with Osteosarcoma and was put down by the same clinic that boarded Beauty. I did check with the clinic to be sure everything was true and not just B.S., and it turned out ALL GREAT! Becky has a very nice house with a big yard that has an 8 foot privacy fence all around it. She has two children, ages 3 and 6...which Beautiful LOVES! She went there Monday. Becky called me twice last night to update. She said that on Monday night when she put her 3 yr old to bed, Beauty went right in the room and laid down on the floor and slept there all night. She had two accidents during the day while Becky was at work, but she said it was no big deal. Beauty did not tear anything up in the house either!! She loves the yard. The second phone call was to tell me that she had donated last year to the Michael Vick dogs and had an Anti-Michael Vick doll in her son's toy box....and gave it to Beauty!! She was loving chewing on it! Here are a few pics of her in her new home! We set the home as a foster home basis just to be sure it works out with them....but tonight Becky said she is pretty sure that Beautiful is a keeper!! I am so happy for Beautiful! her new kitchen.

    Ready for bed in "mom's" room.

    Snuggling with her favorite new "chew" doll!!

    "The dog represents all that is best in man." Etienne Charlet

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    Nice to hear! Thanks for the good update!

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    That is great!!

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