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Thread: Look at the handsome boy

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    Look at the handsome boy

    The other puppy I was thinking about adopting didn't work out.
    I have couple other puppies I'm thinking of adopting at the moment.
    This is one of them. Not sure what he could be mixed with. What do you all think?

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    aussie/ jack russell... or aussie / beagle..

    but def, aussie.. so cute!!
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    Someone looks like a fuzzy pile of energy.

    Definitely Aussie in there dunno what else.
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    I would say Aussie/lab or Aussie/beagle depending on the size. BEAUTIFUL dog!!


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    Yeah, I do think he has aussie in him.
    Someone else said maybe beagle/aussie too. I might get to meet him sometime soon.
    Just keep your fingers crossed in is the one for my family.

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    Oh, he is bi - eyed! And quite handsome!

    He will be a handful with the Aussie in him, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
    Oh, he is bi - eyed! And quite handsome!

    He will be a handful with the Aussie in him, lol.
    What do you mean by that Sandie??

    He definitely has Aussie, and I can also see the Beagle in his head and muzzle. He is adorable!!! I hope it works out and you can bring him home.
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    I've decided he is not right for our family. I would love to had him. But I just don't think he was the right fit.
    I do know of someone else that is interested in him so I hope it works out for him.

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