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    Hi Max....You sure are a handsome fellow.
    I would love to have you. Love you pictures. Have mom to give you a big hug for me.Congratulations on DOTD.

    An Animal Lover

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    Max, what a cutie you are! You sleep just like my Snowy! Congrats on having such a great family and being DOTD
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    Max, you are gorgeous! You and my dog, Katie, could be twins - when she was about 9 years younger!! I was amazed to see how much you look like each other!

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    Hi Max!!! A very happy Dog of the Day to you beautiful boy, and to your Mommy Melanie as well, from me and my Labbie Star! (You look so much like her!) You may be a Shep mix, maybe with some Labbie thrown in? But no matter your breed blend, you are one beautiful boy, inside and out, embodying all that we humans cherish and crave in a best pup pal and, smarts and sweetness (and so much more)! And how fitting that your family adopted you from Angels for Animals, for not only are your rescuers angels (the shelter folks and your family) but you as well. (I think I see those trademark wings tucked under there) Max, you truly found your forever human in your Mom Melanie! As she says, it was a case of love at first sight, and you and she were destined to be as one; no doubt about that! And how neat that your Grandma owns a kennel! You certainly won't be lacking in pups to pal around with! Ahhh, life is good!!!
    Congratulations on your much deserved induction into the Dog of the Day Hall of Fame, Max! I hope you and your Mom Melanie (and your dear kitty buds too) enjoy a very happy, fun filled day of celebration, and a lifetime of shared unconditional love and devoted companionship! Hugs and kisses, woofs and wags to you precious Max, from me and Star!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

    And my Rainbow Bridge Furangels...Jingles, Cody, Fritz, Chessa, Satin, Buddy, Lizzie, Oliver, Squeaker, Moonbeam, Rosie, Ruby~

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    Marvelous Max!

    Wow - you are a lucky doggie...and the person who brought you home is lucky as well!
    You are one handsome dog - which goes to show that you don't have to be a special beed to be beautiful...
    Enjoy your DOTD status, Max!

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    Max what a gorgeous fellow you are!!!

    What a treat to see your wonderful pictures today. Your chewie looks almost bigger than you! I'm so happy you waited for your special mommy to came and pick you out and take you home. I hope you are both enjoying your special day.

    Congratulations, sweetie, on being our special Dog of the Day!!!
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    Hi Max!!!!!

    What a wonderful day it was when your owner came back from vacation and found you still at the shelter. So cool!!! We love your story. You are a very handsome boy, Max!! You seem to have some Labbie in there somewhere. It must be the ultimate treat to go visit Grandma's kennel. How many doggies have a kennel to visit? So many great friends. Congrats on your big day as our DOTD, Max!!! Please tell the family to give you tons of kisses from us here in Florida. Happiness always!!!!

    Love, Daisy and Delilah in HOT, Sunny Florida

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    Thanks Barry!

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    Hi Max,

    I am very pleased to meet you today handsome boy. It sounds
    like your person was meant to find you. I'm so glad you waited for her.
    I love your coloring & those pretty brown eyes sweetie. Congrats
    going out to you on being honored as our DOG OF THE DAY. I hope you
    enjoy your special day with a few extra treats & lots of hugs & kisses too.
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