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Thread: Two cats in Gainesville Florida need a home!

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    Two cats in Gainesville Florida need a home!

    I am so glad I found this site. I need help!

    One of my graduate students took on the responsibility of fostering two cats for a former student for a two-year period of time while this person went overseas to work. However, this individual has decided to stay over there a longer period of time leaving my grad student stranded with the cats that she canít keep past July 3rd. The local rescues wonít take them because they are either full or will only take strays.

    We are desperately seeking someone to adopt one or both cats. Their names are Saffie (age 11) and Chloe (age 9). The cats have been together at least five years. They get along but could be split up if it would find them good homes. Saffie and Chloe are healthy indoor cats with shots. They do have claws but the vet files them regularly. We can take pics and send them out. Iíve seen these kitties, they are cute and cuddly and they deserve a good home.

    Haven Acres cat sanctuary in High Springs, Florida has offered to take them with a donation (though they say the cats will probably never be adopted) but we are hesitant because they are already oversaturated with cats (the conditions are also not ideal) and the city has been trying to shut them down for years.

    If you can help (either by taking them permanently or fostering them) or know someone who can, please let me know. We're trying to do this by July 3rd because she will be traveling to meetings and is having a difficult time finding anyone who can care for the cats in her apartment while she's gone!

    Please help if you can!


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    Have you listed them at local vets offices and on
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