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Thread: Hanna's new trick

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    Hanna's new trick

    I buy her these little toys with a bell, and she likes to fetch them. I cal them her fetching toys. She has always dumped them off into the water bowl, then I have to squeeze them out and put them away to dry.

    She must have been getting impatient for them to dry - she's started fishing them out, soaking wet, and continuing to play with them. One was found in the middle of the bed this morning - soaking wet.

    No wonder my other cat Abby is so mad - she hates anyone messing with the water bowl. Abby drinks out of the dogs' bowl most of the time, but she still like to think she owns the cat water bowl too.

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    My guys love to dump toys in the water too. But thankfully they haven't fished them out in order to put them on the bed.!LOL (not yet any way)

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