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Thread: elderly calico has eating disorder

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    elderly calico has eating disorder

    our elderly cat was originally owned by my in-laws who passed away and we have had her for about the last ten years and she is about 14 or 15 years old

    she has always been a problem eater because since she was a wee kitty was given food scraps and no dry food only wet food so she is very very fussy and my spouse succumbs to her wishes lol but now she is vomiting all the time she has behavourial problems too eats plastic bags so we try to keep them hidden all the time and she eats the plants too mostly during the night those too I try to keep out of her reach but somehow she manages to get into them

    so we keep changing her food which has to be hard on her too

    a couple of weeks ago she turned on my spouse who really dotes on her

    and then a few nights ago she got pissed at me too

    now today she has diarrhea and is vomiting too so tonight we are taking her to the vet

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    Cats are usually good at hiding pain, but with her turning on your spouse and you, it sounds like she is really uncomfortable.

    Good luck at the vet's. It could be a blockage or something similar.

    I hope you and your vet can find a nutritious food that she likes - often, when a cat likes to eat strange things, something is missing in their diet.

    Prayers going out to your sweetheart kitty.
    "To begin, begin." ~William Wordsworth

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    I hope your vet will find out what's wrong!

    I agree with Catty1, eating weird things may either mean she's missing something in her diet, or she tries to get rid of something, especially since she's also vomiting.

    And yes, they are good in hiding their discomforts and pain, she may not feel well for a while, or be in pain, and that's why she's acting aggressive towards you.

    Good luck for the vet visit!


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