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Thread: My dorky dog...*pics*

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    My dorky dog...*pics*

    Here are a couple of pictures of Tandem this weekend, on our camping trip. Funny thing is, after he woke up, he went back to this exact same position. I was saying that he probably wants all predators to believe that he is wide awake and ready to attack....

    What a dork!!!

    Also wanted to give an update on my pups. Tala is at her new home on Vancouver Island where she is in training to be a certified Search and Rescue dog. Whipaw is at his new home in Washington DC where he is in training to be a service dog for a quadrapelegic lady. Both pups are doing very well! I've likely chosen a male for Tala; a terv, in TX; Together they will start my terv line! Very exciting! These are wonderful pups and I may consider repeating the breeding in the future. Both Visa and Tandem are doing wonderfully as well. I plan on shwoing both of them at the end of next month, but it looks like they both might blow their coat... Visa probably worse than Tandem (since she had pups), so I may hold off on showing her until her coat comes back in, and focus on her agility career in the mean time.
    Anywhos, enjoy the pics!

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    lol, wow, gotta love those moments haha did he notice you were there and then give an embarassed look?

    I will love you forever Bobo

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    How funny! What a silly guy!

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    Ha ha! Silly Tandem!
    Forever in my heart...

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    Lol! That is a hilarious position. Ready to attack!

    As for the showing/breeding/line/agility, that's awesome! Sounds like the pups went to awesome homes where they will be challenged mentally! Your dogs have made me really interested in tervs and whenever I see one, I just ooh and ahh. lol
    Monica Callahan KPA-CTP *Woohoo!*

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    Haha, he was just airing out his gums. Maybe he had something that left a bad taste in his mouth? What a goof.

    Glad to hear your pups are going on to do great things. I always love to hear of dogs being trained to do service work. :-)
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    LMAO!!!!... Tandem you silly boy.. hahahaha...

    congrats on the pupsters.. but any updated pics.. I bet they are huge now..

    and yay!! on the future terv line.. I┤d love to see a few discolored pups.. and of course the lovely blacks..
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    Well, would YOU approach a big dog showing his teeth?

    Hope you got plenty of z's, Tandem!

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    hahahaha gotta love it when they sleep in awkard positions! Soooo pretty.

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    Thanks everyone!

    Not many updated pics on the pups -- the newest ones I have are only a couple of weeks after they left here lol. I'll have to bug their owners for some!

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