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Thread: Duck in a flower box

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    Duck in a flower box

    My kids took me to a place called Country Cupboard in Lewisburg for Mother's Day breakfast. We were seated by the windows and could see the lovely flower boxes along the outside windows. As we sat and looked out the window up popped this duck from one of the flower boxes. We really enjoyed our breakfast watching this ducky jump and fly down from the flower box and then back up again. We didn't see any babies. Not sure if she had eggs in there or what. My son was able to snap a photo with his camera phone. It was just too cute.
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    Adorable! yes, ducks do pop up in the oddest places!! I had a pair that used to trudge the across a little meadow behind previous apartment up from the Hillsborough River to eat out of the bird feeder on my back patio. . .they would flap up agains the hanging feeder to shake the seeds out and eat on the ground. Mama duck decided to nest in one of my potted plants but the cat next door scared her away. They were so funny waddling across the field!

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    What a cute picture! Probably she is sitting on eggs, and I wonder how the babies will manage to get down to the ground safely. Well, let us hope she has it all figured out once they hatch. Thanks for sharing this darling photo.

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    WoW that is a great pic of the duck.. How so neat & pretty..

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    That's so cute, and I'm you enjoyed your breakfast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randi View Post
    That's so cute, and I'm you enjoyed your breakfast.
    It was really fun eating breakfast and seeing her fly down and then back up again. We wondered too, that if she had laid her eggs in there, how would the babies get down after they hatched. She probably has it all figured out...I hope. I love ducks.

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