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Thread: dog and personal problem

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    dog and personal problem

    I have a dog and a personal problem but they relate to eachother. I own an altered male Pit bull/Rottie cross, he is just over a year old and a sweetheart. He is not the kind of Pit bull you read about in the News or see on TV, he is loving and loves kids, adults and anyone who will let him lick them or pets him, or even people who won't. I also own two ats, one hates him and all other dogs, but the other LOVES him and they sleep together, clean eachother and play together. The cats seeks out the dog, the dog does sometimes chase the cat though but I put an end to this and he has been cat chasing clean for 8 days, 3 hours and 25 minutes.

    Because of where I live (in a town of 2500 and even less dogs) he has not been able to meet a lot of dogs, at least not ones you would want your dog to meet. Because most dogs up here are farm dogs, and don't like other dogs on their turf. He has met a few though, and he played rough with them not aggressive. He does at first meeting, raise his hackles, tail over his back and lifts his head higher then other dog's but he has cornered by another dog looking to fight and rolled on to his back scared. He gets excited by other dogs, but never barks...growls..bites..snaps but sometimes whines until till told easy.

    He has no human aggression in him at all, but I have a worry. This is where personal problems come into play. I live with my boyfriend of a year, and lately he has yelled a lot at me in anger, and sometimes I yell back but not often. My dog at first didn't know what to do, he would run back and forth between us. But as yelling turned into screaming and throwing things at me, my dog has grown more protective. He stands like a football player would between me and my boyfriend. He doesn't growl or bark though but when my boyfriend grabs me he will jump up on him, NO BITING though! Not even once. And just so be sure you know I'm not glossing or sugar coating anything because I really want honest advice so Im being brutally honest.

    My dog is not toy/food aggressive you can take anything away from him, he doesn't care. He loves being groomed, and has basic training. He does paw me (only me) when he wants to be petted, but only started this after I taught him to shake hands. He backs off when told. He likes to sit on my lap but will get down when I tell him too, he is spoiled! like all dogs should be. He is overly excited when I come home, and I think sometimes his butt will wingle off. I know some of his traits are dominant traits but it's hard to's not so much he demands attention as he craves it? He sticks his head under my arm for a quick snuggle then goes back to sleep. Maybe I'm wrong and this should be a worry?

    However he has stopped listening to my boyfriend lately ever since the yelling began, he barely acts like he hears him. He doesn't dislike him though, he does love him. You can tell because he is happy when he comes home too, but it's not the same relationship I have with him. I walk the dog, feed the dog and do every thing else for the dog and I don't mind.

    What i'm worried is my dog acting wrongly towards my boyfriend? or is he really trying to tell me something, I'm not ready to see?

    Thank you

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    I think your dog is trying to tell you that anyone who would yell so much and throw things at you is not the right person to be with. And I agree with him! Perhaps some counseling to help calm things down is in order, or even re-evaluating whether you want to remain with this person.

    Smart dog, by the way, sounds like a sweetheart, and like he's just trying to protect you, which is a GOOD thing.

    And welcome to Pet Talk!

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    Welcome to Pet Talk!

    I agree with Karen 100%.
    You are not in a healthy situation.


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    Your dog is protecting you and knows you are threatened. Animals sense things we humans can not! I would trust your dog. I agree with Karen 100% too!!!

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    I would key in to your dog is trying to tell you. If your dog doesn't trust your boyfriend ie. he feels he had to protect you from him, then I wouldn't trust your boyfriend either.

    Dogs know peoples true characters.

    I always trust my dogs. And you should trust yours.

    Felice, Zeus, Hercules

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