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Thread: I got a new puppy a couple weeks ago!

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    I got a new puppy a couple weeks ago!

    My new doggies name is Buddha....he's a pit mix (we think lab)...we got him from the SPCA where we got Riely exactly a year before...we wanted her to have a playmate so shes not so bored during the day....but we thought a puppy would be a better choice so that they would definitely get along and Riely (who is sort of a spoiled brat) wouldn't kill know how dogs are around babies...even if they hate them...they still tolerate them...

    When we saw him, he was one of 2 puppies there...a boy and a girl, brother and sister....he's definitely pit just by looking at him, but his sister was a lot smaller and looked more like a lab...i believe her fur was black and brownish...but not brindle like he fiance really liked his toenails because they're different colors...i was kind of drawn to the girl because she was so sleepy and cute, but we knew we needed a boy (since riely is a girl) the time he was jumping all over his sister and biting her...he's very mouthy...we took him and Riely into the playroom and they played...and he chewed on anything and everything he could get to...including my arm...and my shoelaces...and pant leg...

    Theres also some pictures of our other dog Riely (lab/terrier)when she was a puppy and a picture of them snuggling on the couch...he's an annoying little brother...but he's soooo adorable...and he's growing so fast...i can barely pick his tubby butt up anymore and he's only 14 weeks old....(ill weigh him tomorrow, but at 9 weeks he was 16.5 pounds) he's gained a LOT since then...

    to give some perspective...Riely is pretty much full grown and around 50 pounds...she was only 6.5 pounds at 9 weeks....Buddha is gonna be huuuge...

    they have the same ears...lab we think he's lab too...i didn't want to leave this morning for work...he was all sleepy and snuggling with me under the covers...he puts his little head on my shoulder...Riely is a total Daddys Girl...and follows the manfolk everywhere...she's got a touch of separation anxiety with I was determined to make Buddha into my little mamas far its working...i remember the second or 3rd day we had him i came home from work and the Man had him outside....and he put Buddha down and he just sprinted for me in that clumsy puppy way... *sigh* cute...
    Mommy to Buddha the baby boy and Riely the princess

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    Very cute pups. Thanks for saving their lives.

    Don't buy while shelter dogs die!!

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    He look like a smaller version of my Bull (also a pit mix)

    Hope Riley and Buddha get along together.

    Bull and Katie sent tail wags and doggy kisses to your two furkids!

    P.S. Welcome to Pet Talk!!!!!
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    Great pix. I bet they turn out to be best buddies. Really good looking pups and I understand about not wanting to get out of bed when you have a snuggly, warm puppy sleeping against you Laurie

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    thank you!

    Thaaaank you! (for the compliments as well as the welcome)

    It kind of feels like Buddha is my dog and Riely is the manfolks dog.

    They get long a lot better now, but Riely is still a brat to him. Anytime he has a toy she comes by and steals it. Anytime he tries to go to sleep, she grabs a ball and tries to entice him to come play. They chase each other around the recliner chair. Anytime Daddy holds Buddha she gets jealous and sometimes barks at him. Riely will just run full force and knock him over sometimes and now shes getting into the 'humping' phase where she's trying to show her dominance..."I'M the princess of this house!!!"...the thing is...Buddha is a tough little guy and he doesn't really back down, as you would expect from a rapidly growing pit bull boy...they like to bite each others legs and tug on the others ear...but when they start to get too loud for too long, we just say the words 'Do you want to wear the Muzzle?' and they quiet right down....

    For the first 2 or 3 weeks we had still not decided on a name for first we sort of named him Ramsey...but it just didn't seem like we always called him 'Little Man' or 'Little Boy'...he responded pretty well to that...I had all sorts of names I liked, but Jason wanted something 'Manly'....saying that we couldn't give him a 'sissy name'....but it was important to me to name him something that isn't a common dog when we take him for playdays at Planet Pooch...5 dogs dont answer when you say his we couldn't agree on ANYTHING....I think we actually jokingly said Buddha once....but we didn't decide on it till he was with us for a couple weeks...and we turned him on his back and was rubbing his big tummy and said 'Buddha Belly'....and it just kinda came from there...

    lil boy needs to get a Bordatella shot and a DLHPP shot I can take him to Puppy Playtime on Sunday morning...(its a 1 hour block, $10...and puppies between 11-24 weeks come to play and socialize)....i need to make sure that he's not a brat like Riely, since he'll be huge and scary to some people as is....Riely is super hyper...she can jump about 6 feet in the air...likes to jump all over people when they come over and bark at other dogs in the pet store...she's a I want to make sure that he's REALLY socialized...and takes obedience classes....(hopefully starting next month)...and is as non-threatening as possible...
    Mommy to Buddha the baby boy and Riely the princess

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    Awww, that was so nice of you to save them!! I'm glad that you now have two wonderful doggies!! Best of luck to you!
    Mom to Ethan, Sophie and Sansa

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