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Thread: Kitty with fibrosarcoma

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    I am so sorry to read about your boy. Like a few of the others, I only get the rabies, and when they are 10ish, I no longer give rabies. Thank heavens I have a vet that I can work with and understands how I feel. Sleep softly, dear Tiger..
    Nine is Fine!!

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    I was so sorry to read the intial post, and hesitated to reply as my only experience with fibrosarcoma was god awful. Both my Tenny and my mom's Nevvie passed from this. Nevvie so recently that it burns to talk about it still. Nevvies was definetly vaccine induced, and despite doing everything for him, surgeries, radiation, chemo, he passed away. I no longer get the vaccines on my indoor only cats. I have them tested, and the initial rabies vac- but that is it.

    I am so sorry that Tiger is gone. RIP, sweet fellow.

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