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Thread: Danish... and European airspace shuts down

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    Danish... and European airspace shuts down

    Glad I'm not going anywhere! My sister and BIL, though, are expected to return from Thailand on sunday - wonder if they'll be delayed. The Queens Birthday seems to go as sceduled, so far. Some guests may not arrive on time, though.

    "Denmark will become a no fly zone as of 6pm local time and royalty will have no exceptions

    Queen Margrete II will still celebrate her 70th birthday tomorrow in fine sunny weather, but the volcanic ash cloud will put a dampener on proceedings with many of her foreign guests left stranded.

    The volcanic eruption in Iceland has spewed a heavy cloud of debris into the atmosphere which has been blown across Europe by northwesterly winds.

    At least 25,000 people across Europe are affected by flight cancellations and Denmark is no exception.

    Danish airspace has gradually been shut down and will be fully closed by 6pm this evening as the ash cloud prevents aircraft from flying.
    Air traffic authority Naviair said it was unclear when Danish airspace would reopen.

    Copenhagen Airport will shut from 5pm and many high-profile guests who were expected to fly in for the galla performance at the Royal Theatre this evening are likely to be absent.

    Around 1200 people have been invited to the event to mark the Queen’s birthday, including the Swedish and Norwegian royal families. They are reportedly making other arrangements to travel to Denmark by train.
    Danish royal court spokeswoman Lene Balleby told BT newspaper that ´many of the guests are trying to make alternative arrangements, but they had no exact figures on how many would be unable to make it."

    This is a link from Reuters:
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