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Thread: State Shuts Down Illegal Kennel (Pennsylvania)

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    State Shuts Down Illegal Kennel (Pennsylvania)

    I have to commend these people for keeping an eye on this guy and shutting him down. There is a toll free number at the end of this article for anyone wanting to report illegal kennels in Pennsylvania.

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    That's very good to hear. I'm glad they issued the citations too. The laws
    should hit the breeders where they hurt most, in their pockets. I wish people
    could get the limit for a kennel licence should be lowered. From 25 dogs to
    more like 5 to 7 dogs. I hope they still keep a eye on these folks.
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    Pennsylvania, especially Amish country is famous for puppy mills. That's why I'm glad the State of Connecticut passed the "Puppy Lemon Law". More BYB need to be shut down.

    Glad someone turn in this jerk.

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