If anyone has any advice i would appreciate it, i have had severe neck pain and upper back pain for the last week and a half, this is not new to me , i often suffer from this along with continous headaches and feeling light headed and just not with it when i have this pain.,hard to concentrate is what i mean., i also feel a bit sick in the stomach as well.

However despite pain meds which are prescription meds, i have had no relief,usually this works for me in a few days, but not this time, i don't know if tension is contributing to it, but probably, but i feel it is more muscular and my bones,my neck always crunches when i try and move it in a circular position to relieve tension, my neck feels like it is in a vice to be honest and it is really getting me down, i don't know what to do, i have tried neck exercise, heat packs, resting, pain relief etc etc,i can only think of visiting the doctor now, not that i really think they will help much.

Any ideas, i should not even be on here right now, as it is aggravating the condition,but i just needed to get any advice if possible, thanks.