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Thread: ScratchBoard art, anyone?

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    ScratchBoard art, anyone?

    I bought this little kit in Michael's yesterday because it looked fairly interesting, and I was pretty skeptical on it, but it was $2.99 so how could I not buy it? It's my first time ever doing this, it's called "ScratchBoard Art", it's sort of like foil art. It's actually hard to explain what it is. It uses a clay board(similar to a chalkboard) and you use a sharp knife-type tool to carve into it. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else was into this? The picture I did was wolf peeking out behind a tree, it came out pretty good and only took me about 2 hours or so:

    First step is making the pattern in chalk

    This is the basic outline structure of the wolf all carved.

    Finished product - some of it looks whiter then others and it's supposed to just look like lighter fur. I'm actually proud of it - although it's not perfect but I like it.

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    I love scratchboard, haven't done it in a long time, but it is fun!
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    Never have done it but it looks pretty cool. I would like to do something similar with a photo of Casey.

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    I do scratchboard art in my free time ... I love it.
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