Hello all.
We have been searching for information about a dog we lost 15 months ago and came across this community. Looks quite impressive and informative.
We've still got 4 GSD's, a crazy male and his three daughters from three separate litters, but having trouble filling the void left by our Tiki, short for Tequila, who was with us 24/7/365 x 8 years, no matter what.
Looking forward to reading and hopefully contributing something worthwhile.
Would like to put up some photos of Tiki, when we learn how to do it, in the hopes that someone may have seen a dog just like him somewhere.
Many different opinions from our vets and people that knew or have seen pics of him.
Definitely a mix but pretty sure based on intelligence, loyalty, herding capabilities, extra keen senses etc....... he was part Dingo, part Shep and the rest we're uncertain of but have a few possibilities.
He weighed in between 50 and 70 lbs, had a great build, dark muzzle and dark in the tail, a kind of ginger colored coat, had E.S.P. and amazing sight and hearing.
Of the 4 GSD's, the male at we think 10 years is a tough one, brutally abused before we rescued him and is now fabulous with the 2 of us, ONLY, to this day. He is very defensive and protective around anything else, to the point of being a liability at times, but we've managed to work around the difficulties.
The girls are 7, 6 and almost 5, all tanks and all mushes with an edge when they have to have one. The 5 year old, Lily, managed to do what none had been able to accomplish, tame The Male, which she has done quite well.
Sam, the male, and Lily, are the inside dogs and Rose and Corona are pampered outside dogs, with a heated 4 x 8 custom doghouse in the winter.