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Thread: My dog can be a little aggressive

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    My dog can be a little aggressive

    Hi. My chiuahuah, Max, is aggressive to strangers, of course he is a 'ankle biter gaurd dog'. But it's going a hair bit too far. He's barking at everyone that comes in the house. I kinda wanna train him that when we say like. . It's ok when he barks at someone, he'll stop. can anyone possibly give me a suggestion please?

    ok thanks for reading

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    Saying 'oh it's okay, it's okay' is not the best way to handle his aggressiveness... he is then thinking 'oh, it's OK to bark and snap like this'. You need to possible keep Max on a leash under control when you have company, and correct him when he does bark/snap by a quick snap of the leash, and then reward him immediately when he stops the unwanted behavior. Use treats, and noise that gets his attention (squeaker, clicker, etc) and praise, praise praise.
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    i have three chihuahuas myself and they all bark when some comes in the door that is not us....but what i do is use a spray bottle and they stop immdediately after i tell them to be quiet or if i walk over to the spray bottle....they usually do good if you welcome in the door or step out then come back in with them....well hope to hear of the progress

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