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Thread: laryngeal paralysis

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    laryngeal paralysis

    This is my second day on pet many nice people... I had posted my
    questions yesterday, but someone told me about dog health forum and stated I might get a better response.. so, here we go:
    my guy max, a black lab is 14years old. Last Sept he was diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis which required a tie-back throat surgery. Max had recoved nicely, but has had alot of coughing and gaging. The vet stated that he would have that forever.. Has anyone else heard or had this surgery?? I would love to hear from anyone with how there dog had recovered and any information they could add. I am so lucky that Max is alive and doing well. I cannot beleive how close we came to loosing him.
    Thanks for listening and hope to hear from you. Carole:

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    I've not heard of that. I am glad to hear Max is doing better. Glad to have you with us on Pet Talk!

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    I think I read an article on the surgery. but don't know anyone
    who has had it done for their dog. I hope this effect is not that
    troubling for Max. Does this happen very often? Maybe the Vet knows
    something to help if this keeps up.
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