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Thread: Lost my poor kitty Chester on Saturday

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    I feel so sad for you.....

    and am so sorry for your loss of Chester.....

    Thanks to PCB!

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    I started this thread a while back about losing a pet. I hope it helps you today. I bet Chester had a great life!!

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    I know that right now you have a Chester-sized hole in your heart. It is sad to lose our precious babies, but he is not totally gone. He still lives in your heart and loves you. Hold onto that. He is planning some wonderful adventures for the time you are reunited, and you will never, ever, be seperated again from then on! Just know he loves you still. Love lives forever, it is indestructible.
    Proud to be a crazy cat lady!

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    Welcome. Open arms for you here at PT.

    I don't know if there exists a pet guardian that doesn't know about the Rainbow Bridge, but just in case.

    Here at PT, we all know this to be a certainty, just as the air we breathe and the love we share with our furries.

    Godspeed to the Bridge, Chester.

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    Sleep softly, sweet Chester....
    Nine is Fine!!

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