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    What a beautiful Pom, People who abuse their animals are EVIL I have a pom same color and looks alot like suzie she is 10 and losing her teeth and has arthritis but love her all the same...I have 8 dogs most of have been rescued Dogs I believe are angels from God I hope you get lots more time with Suzie Hugs

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    Lucky Suzie

    I don't know why some parents want to rob their children of the wonderful experience of having a dog or a cat. The unconditional love is very therapeutic and helpful. How anyone can mistreat these creatures makes my blood boil - their really should be stricter laws - maybe one day .

    Regarding her arthritis, my cat had it and Sasha's Blend (a natural powder to put in their food) worked amazing wonders on his legs. You can get it from your vet or from the company.
    Please have your pets sterilized as soon as possible to lower, and one day hopefully eliminate, unwanted and abandoned pets. It IS our responsibility. Adopting from a shelter also helps - encouraging breeders just adds to the overpopulation.
    Angel Beyli's Mom thanks you!

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