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Thread: Do your pets like to unwrap presents?

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    Do your pets like to unwrap presents?

    Autumn loves unwrapping presents. She wanted to start last night until I chased her away from the tree. Naylee and Wallace have no idea what to do with a present.
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    Oh yes he does! He loved shredding paper and actually helped me open both my presents this morning.

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    Lacey loves unwrapping her gifts. Layla never got into it. And then there came Jake, who thinks everything is his, so the Christmas gift giving routine had to change a bit.
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    The cats will if they smell something good, such as their temptations, so we have to hide those before putting them under the tree. :P Sam tried to open his but I had to help. He was some proud of his present. hehe

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    Willow showed amazing restraint. She didn't chew on any of the wrapped packages, but once we started opening them, she placed herself in the middle of all the wrapping paper and boxes and went to town!

    I didn't do a complete examination, but I'm pretty sure she chewed on every single ribbon and bow.
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    Tikeyas opened several presents this christmas!!! people should not wrap chocolate... because Tikeya has a HUGE sweet tooth...ugh
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    I actually don't know. I've never wrapped their gifts. They go in their stockings.

    But my friend sent me a text on Xmas eve with a funny story. Her boxer was watching her wrap gifts. She put them under the tree and walked away for about 5 minutes. Tessa got only her gift and opened it. Smart girl!!
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    4,875 They just like to lay and roll in the paper.

    My RB Casey LOVED opening presents. She got so excited whenver we would get the wrapping paper out and sit patiently waiting and watching. She would help people open their gifts if you told her to "rip it". LOL. I miss my Labby girl. Christmas was very weird without a dog this year. The cats pretty much slept all day.

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    We have found it better not to wrap thier gifts. Just ball up our wrappings and throw. If we let them unwrap it's all little pieces.
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    Sadie and Rita don't really get the whole unwrapping thing, LOL! They just look at me as if to say, "I can smell what's in here, but why is there paper all over it?!"

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    My dogs like to unwrap my garden the best....everything I plant they dig it up.

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    i always hear about dogs that love it....but out of all the dogs I have ever had, not one has EVER tried to unwrap a present..I have tried my darnest to get them to, but they just look at me like I am some kinda loony toone. I dont bother wrapping them anymore. of coarse not one of my dogs has ever shredded paper before of any kind lol
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