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Thread: Wise words

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    Wise words

    Ok, I know Cameron's my grandson and I happen to think he's the smartest thing to walk the panet, but I have to share some wise words from his 3-year-old mouth.

    My youngest daughter was teaching him Simon says.
    DD: Simon says touch your ears
    Cam: touches ears
    DD: Simon says touch your eyes
    Cam: touches eyes
    DD: Touch your nose
    Cam: touches nose
    DD: Aaah! You lost! Simon didn't tell you to touch your nose!
    Cam: I want to play again, but this time I'll be Simon!
    DD: Ok - lets go
    Cam: I'm Simon and I say I win!

    This morning, I'm telling him that Santa's upset he's been bad lately. He tells me its ok because he's "not been bad ALL the time" What do you respond to THAT?

    There's mroe, but I'm at work and an actual customer came in! Gotta go do what I'm really here for.

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    Hahaha you have to love kids! That was priceless!

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    He is gonna rule the world some day.

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    I wonder if there's an age minimum for runninng for President?? That's one smart kid. I KNOW that come from your side of the family.

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    That's cute, funny & smart all in one.
    My girlfriend has two boys 6&8. They were on their way to see Santa for their annual pictures. She said to them "We're going to see someone important today!" The oldest said "Obama?" LOL! You can tell where that families loyalies lie!

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