I can't believe I haven't found out about this place before... it seems like a BUNCH of great information floating around here. StaffyDaddy and Mom76 told me about this place a few days ago.

I'm here to give my grand intro... I forgot to bring my pocket red carpet, but this'll have to do. I brought the beer at least, even though I don't drink! hahaha... you'll find this probably pretty annoying, but I crack myself up, type exactly how I am feeling, and what I'm thinking. It's not always a bad thing... I'm not a hateful person lmao!

I currently have 6 dogs... 4 American Bullies, 1 APBT, and one...umm well, we just call him our Dingo! We rescued him when he was a wee pup about 6 years ago from our local animal care and control. 2 dogs are altered... The other four I'm doing confirmation as well as obedience trials.

I bought my first American Bully after doing about 4 years of research and one on one experience. I bought her on a co-own contract which required me to do one breeding with her back to her breeder with him keeping a puppy out of that litter well, it really has panned out well she had 3 puppies... I'm a woman and I get what I whine about most of the time... I was able to whine and sweet talk the breeder into not taking his pick and I kept all three of the puppies. I could NEVER go through all of that heart ache again. There's a lot more to the story after they were born which I'd elaborate on if ya'll wish. lol

I've done some rescue over the last few years. You can't save them all, but everyone that you do get the opportunity to help breaks your heart and fills you with joy all at the same time.

I hope to get to know some great people here, and I can't wait to start digging back into the forums!