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Thread: A warm deed

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    A warm deed

    Went to work the other morn wearing for the first time my new scarf. All warm and cozy and soft and pretty.
    One of the girls in the office (the boss in fact) saw it and remarked right away on how lovely it was and started to touch it. She said she just loved the material. On impluse I took my brand new scarf off and wrapped it around her and said it was a late birthday gift. She didn't want to take it but I insisted. Unexpected gifts are the best I happen to know.
    Many years ago a friend had a necklace on and I admired it greatly, she took it off and gave it to me on the spot. What a nice surprise, just like that out of the blue. I never forgot the kindness so that is why I passed it on. It was good to see her so happy. She wore the scarf the whole morning.
    Every one then started to laugh and joke, one co-worker said he liked my car, another liked my shoes it was great. I have such great coworkers and the best Dr's to work for.

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    I seem to remember hearing about a culture where if you admired something, the person would give it to you! Kind of freaked out the anthropologists at first until they understood what was going on. That's so sweet that you gave your coworker the scarf.
    I've been finally defrosted by cassiesmom!
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