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    hi ive been signed up a little while not long .
    im 35 years old living in cardiff ,south wales uk with john whos a carer for his dad , we have 6 children who are bronwen shes 15 , ryan hes 13,catrina shes 11,kye hes 8 ,victoria shes 6 and my step son rory hes 18,
    i have 3 dogs who are storm shes 2 years old and shes a bullmastiff ,we had storm at 4 weeks old the owner had a break down we fed her baby milk and nursed her ,storm loves playing with the family and her favourate thing is getting cuddles and kisses, when storm was 9 months old she was attacked in my back yard by a 10 year old boy he hit her in the face and kicked her 3 times ,she did grab him after that but the police saw the boy was at fault not storm she finds it hard to trust strangers sinse and gets panicky when anyone she doesnt know approuches her, weve been working on this and although shes coming on great we take no chances when shes out with is she wears a lovely harness and on the feild she wears her muzzle ,shes very bubbly around her family and gets alot of hyperactive moments , when storm was a pup i had an accident and became unconcious storm tried to help me and yelped in my ear to try and wake me and yes she sure did , my husband colapsed also when storm was a year old storm dragged him from the side of the bed to saftey and tried waking him up she brought him round .
    star is also 2 years old and is storms sister we had star at a later date when she was 4 months old she had trouble getting a home and i loved storm so much i thought i thought id take her bullmastiff sister on to , they make a wonderful pair ,stars more layed back than storm she likes to sleep and eat all the time ,she loves her cuddles and kisses and likes to play chase with storm and domino in the yard , stars on a dry food diet only at present she went through an eat everything stage mainly my fault for letting her and shes put on a bit to much weight so shes on a diet and excersice few months , star also has a lovely harness like her sisters and wears a muzzle to star likes to bark at everyone and often frightens people with her size but sinse shes worn a muzzle they dont feel so scared of her , if only they knew what a lovely gentle dog she is, star a few weeks ago woke me by jumping on my stomache and licking my face vigorously i was suffering from swine flu at the time and my breathing was suffering id stopped breathing for a moment until star jumped on me .
    domino hes 3 years old hes a springer spaniel with alot of energy indeed , he loves to play when ever he can because of his energy domino eats and drinks alot as he burns alot of it off to,hes friendly to any dog but although he likes his friend bacardi he doesnt normaly like cats but domino was brought up when bacardi was with us so theyve become best of friends , domino also has a harness he gets so excited when hes out he likes to pull me alot .
    bacardi hes 14 years old hes a nutured tom cat , weve had him sinse about 12 about 2 and half plus years hes been with us , bacardi was locked in an empty house and when i saw him i had to take him home as our family member , i drove him 6 hours to get him to his new home , bacardi likes telling the dogs off and the dogs like letting him think hes boss hehe ,bacardi likes to sleep with my daughter catrina and loves his food the most .
    violet shes a 2 year old hamster ,her companian passed away a few weeks ago , shes getting on a bit but still likes to swing from her cage and run on wheel.
    and we have 5 fish one white,one white and orange,another orange,and 2 milti coloured , they love to munch on dried blood worms.
    And finally yayo he lives at my husbands dads but hes my husbands dog hes a 4 year old bullmastiff hes the biggest dog ive ever seen i think but i call him my cuddly big teddy bear ,although hes a gaurd dog hes very gentle to his family ,when he comes to visit us here he likes nibbling bacardis ears so very gentle ,only problem is he also likes to sleep on our bed hmmmmmmm haha
    well thats all my family

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    Well, thanks for the introduction! That's quite a gang you have there!

    A small aside - in the future, please try to use capitalization for sentences and things, like "I" - we have a lot of members here from all over the world, and those are big clues that help people whose first language is not English!
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