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    Oldie Coming Back

    Well, it's been a long time since I've been on PetTalk! I was on here when I was much younger and much stupider, so here I am again, legally an adult and hoping I'll find some fun on this site.

    It seems introductions are not exactly common anymore, so I suppose I'll post nothing of myself, and see if anyone wants to know anything. If not, I suppose I will have to be known through the posts to come.


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    Welcome Back Zekiirah. We are glad you decided to come our way again. You
    coming back will have me singing the 70s TV show "welcome back Kotter" all

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    Welcome Back!! PT is a hopping place!!

    Rest In Peace Casey (Bubba Dude) Your paw print will remain on my heart forever. 12/02
    Mollie Rose, you were there for me through good times and in bad, from the beginning.Your passing will leave a hole in my heart.We will be together "One Fine Day". 1994-2009
    MooShoo,you left me too soon.I wasn't ready.Know that you were my soulmate and have left me broken hearted.I loved you like no other. 1999 - 2010See you again "ONE FINE DAY"
    Maya Linn, my heart is broken. The day your beautiful blue eyes went blind was the worst day of my life.I only wish I could've done something.I'll miss your "premium" purr and our little "conversations". 1997-2013 See you again "ONE FINE DAY"


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    Welcome back! Would love details. What pets do you have? Oh and by the way, I was much stupider in my younger days too.

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    Welcome back...pets and pics, please!!!

    ​GO RAVENS!!

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    Wow, I didn't expect such a welcome! Wow, thank you for the welcome back!

    I am honestly too mortified to tell everyone my old username, as I recognize every single one of you from back then. Even the way I wrote was atrocious!

    Hmm.. well, I don't have any recent pictures of myself excepting my Senior picture, and I can't use that one as it's only a proof. So, I'll just have to show pet pictures for now, which is what I'm certain most of you want to see

    Here is my beautiful Cubby:

    I don't have any other pictures uploaded to the computer currently, so this yawning pic will have to do! So far no other pictures of my other pets, but I will have some coming soon!

    Other than Cubby here, I have Henry, our brat of a giant black furball, and Jack, our giant tabby. My two dogs are Rainy, a terrier, and Nicky, the fluffy poodle who keeps us all on our toes. Pics of them coming soon!

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