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    Exclamation crate training

    I have a 5 month old yorkiepoo, that I have had for a month. She is still pooping and peeing in her crate. The crate is a small one meant for cats, so it's not too big. She rolls in the pottie and also eats her own poop. She only does that in the crate, not when she is outside. She does it durring the work day when I'm gone and also overnight. She even does it when it's been a few hours. I did get a product called "Dis-Taste" to make her not eat her poop, some times it works, some times it doesn't. I have put a grate in her crate to lift her up, so at least she doesn't roll in it or eat it. I don't know what else to do to stop her, I fear the grate might encouage her to pottie in her crate..... Am I right? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, Thanks. Sandy Jo

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    How long can she stay in the crate without pooping? Do you take her out just after she eats, and stay outside until "poop happens?"

    As for eating her poop, that's call copraphagia - do a search and there are several discussions on this.
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    Would you leave a 5 month old baby alone for hours on end?

    It's a puppy, not a lifestyle accessory. They need attention, training, and company.

    At 5 months the pupper shouldn't be left in a crate for hours, but that's just me.
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    Crates were he trick

    for us. I know some may find it mean or are simply not a proponent of crate training, but we did it for both of our dogs. But it was just overnight, until they were fully house-broken and could be totally trusted not to chew up something all night long. That was about a year for both. Both were lucky because day was not an issue. I was a stay at home Mom when Ginger came to us and Bob went to work with Dan at his office every day (actually both Bob and Ginger) while he had his own business. We did last time out at night 11:00 ish and stayed out with them until they did their business (usually a pee) and first thing in the AM 6:30-7:00ish. Mornings were when they did their poops. But every couple of hours an outdoor run. We also started coaxing them into their open door crate to get treats at various times - so they wouldn't think of their crate as a cage. We also had a bed in the crate in which they would often go into on their own throughout the day for a nap. In any event, I hope it improves for you. Maybe try letting her in and out of the crate while you are home - so she knows that the crate is "her" home. Also always take her out after eating and just exercise her until she poops. Good luck.

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    Thumbs up try treats

    are you using treats in the training? When we were training my daughter's dog, he had only one accident in his crate & after that never again... We also do a one last before bed (about 11:00 or so & 1st thing in the morning, about 5:00 ish) then a walk before leaving for work (about 7:00 is) & as soon as I get home from work (about 5:00 p.m.) & during his training period (& not needed now) he got a treat when he did his business outside & during walks & not if he went in the house. Most recently his only accident was when he got sick & had no control ... but, he's better now...
    Best of luck to you...
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    Here is a different view:

    Did you get your dog from a good breeder? I know Remy didn't even come from a breeder, just an oops breeding. They know nothing about puppies. So they didn't know they had to clean up after the dogs. Remy hadn't seen the outside until we picked her up at 7 weeks. Therefore, she knew to live in her feces and peed and pooed in her cage all the time. We still cannot give her a pillow in her cage because she's pees or poos on it. She is a year old.

    I can't say that you shouldn't leave your dog in a cage for hours on end because we have to do it with our pups. It's not like someone can be home every hour of every day. Although it is suggested you do not leave a five month old pup alone for more than 3 to 4 hours.
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    There are lots of products to add to your puppy's food to keep her from eating poop. Here's a list:

    Personally, I would make SURE this puppy poops and pees before going into her crate - every time. Feed her 2-3 times a day on a strict schedule so you know exactly when she'll need to eliminate. If she's pooping excessively, and especially with the fact that she's eating her poop, you should definitely consider switching her to a higher quality/grain free kibble.

    How are you crate training her? What steps have you taken? Do you feed her in her crate? Does she have JUST ENOUGH ROOM to stand up and turn around in the crate? If not, you might have to get a piece of cardboard or something and block off the back of the crate to completely limit her space. How long are you leaving her in there without potty breaks? A toy breed of her age cannot hold it more than a few hours... you might want to get an exercise pen, put her crate and some safe chewy toys in it, and put down a potty pad in the pen because there's no way she will be able to hold it for 8+ hours. Or, if it's an option for you, hire a dog walker to come in the middle of the day.

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