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Thread: In Memory of Whitey

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    In Memory of Whitey

    I cried when I heard of your loss and I just want to say that she dosen't want you to feel guilty about not going to bed with her. How were you to know? I feel your sadness. Tomorrow will be a month that I lost my Ling-Ling. She was 18 years old. Sometimes at night I go to her grave and sing to her. Whitey (I hope I'm spelling her name right) is okay there are kitties in Heaven, please don't doubt that for a second. Special cats like her never just go away. She's watching you from high above. You know how cats love looking down from high places? Well, I hope I made you feel better and remember you will see her again. I have absolutely no doubts about that.

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    I am so sorry

    I feel bad for the loss of whitey as well as ling-ling. It is soooo hard to have a pet pass. I too think we will someday see our feline angels again and we will sit and share the golden sun again and smile-hang in there /susanswatlin518

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