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Thread: Colorful Leaves

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    Colorful Leaves

    Pictures of the colorful leaves on our tree and all the mess across the street.Lady across the street did some ,wouldn't know that today.Leaves are covering their lawn,some have blown across here,would never know I did on Sunday.Apparently the man's excuse is it is because of his heart,funny how he goes bowling 2 times a week and lifts a heavy ball,lawn mower should be no trouble,has different speeds,all you do is guide it.I have one other to do tomorrow and ours again if I am up to it,have a cold,coughing,runny nose and stuffed,with the odd headache,extra work is something I don't need right now.
    thanks very much devon. I have been boo'd.

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    Beautiful trees, Barry. Take it easy.

    I've been Boo'd...
    Thanks Barry!

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